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September 18, 2009

Birth On Labor Day 2009

If you haven't yet heard about the play, Birth, you are missing out!  Written in 2006 by playwright Karen Brody, Birth is a series of interwoven monologues that follow the birth stories of eight modern women. 

Birth On Labor Day (BOLD) is the name given to events worldwide which combine local performances of the play and "Red Tent Events" (sacred spaces offered for women to share their birth stories).  BOLD was created as a way to inform people about modern birth culture and to empower women to have the best birth experiences possible.

In 2008, The Family Journey brought BOLD to Fort Collins to enormous support and rave reviews.  This year, the event is even more exciting, with a new venue (the Lory Student Center on the CSU campus), a birth art show, a mother-baby friendly vendor fair, the Red Tent Event, and a talk-back panel after the play.  This year's panel includes Mothering Magazine editor Peggy O'Mara, a long-time champion of natural living and empowered birth.

This amazing event is happening Saturday, September 26th, with the Red Tent Event on Sunday, September 27th.  The performance is powerful, funny, transformational and enlightening.  Tickets can be purchased through The Family Journey's website.  Come and experience it for yourself!

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