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Toy Shopping for Healthy and Happy Kids

When you’ve got holidays or birthdays and you’ve got kids, you probably have TOYS! Watching my children open their presents is one of my favorite things, but figuring out what to give them can be a challenge. Added to the … Continue reading

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Sleep Sweet (and Healthy!)

We’re in the process of buying a new mattress for our five year-old.  When our oldest was three, we began the journey of finding a good mattress.  Since then, that crib-sized mattress has been passed down twice, our oldest has … Continue reading

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Natural Care for Painful Ears

It’s cold and flu season again, and that means it’s ear infection season too.  3/4 of the patients I’ve seen this week have had a sore ear, some for the first time, and some as an ongoing complaint.  Treating a … Continue reading

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So, What About All That Halloween Candy?!

I have three kids and they have been looking forward to Halloween for over a month.  My eight year-old has actually been counting down and regularly announces how many days are left.  I am secretly pleased that they’re more excited … Continue reading

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Vaccination – What’s A Parent To Do?

Pretty much every parent in my practice asks about immunizations at some point.  What do I think about vaccinations?  Am I pro or con?  Do vaccines cause autism?  Do I vaccinate my kids? Generally, I love talking about my kids.  … Continue reading

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